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Enviro-Coatings non-skid coating equipment is compatible with both our alumina and silica spray products. All of Enviro-Coatings' equipment is custom built to suit each corrugator's unique configuration, therefore, space constraints are not an issue. Options include a range between fully automated computer controlled systems or economical, manually operated coaters that are simple to operate and maintain. The level of automation is a decision made by the end user. Coaters can be ordered for permanent mounting to the corrugator or as a self-contained unit on a mobile cart. The cart allows the coater to be easily moved for remote cleaning and maintenance.

The Basic sprayer has the following features included in its design:

  • 24 Spray Nozzles manually controlled by individual ball valves
  • Manual Rotation Head for cleaning the system
  • Adjustable water/non-skid ratio mixing system
  • Double diaphragm air pump
  • Automatic start-up and shut off controlled by corrugator DC signal.
  • Hook-up requires a water source (1/2" flex hose) and pneumatic outlet

The Deluxe sprayer has, in addition to the above features, the following:

  • Second row of spray nozzles activated by high-speed operation
  • Spray nozzles can be moved to any position across web
  • Operator side, zone controls for each nozzle head
  • Automatic rinse cycle
  • Programmable mix ratio system
  • Deluxe model is controlled by a PLC
  • Hook-up requires a water source (1/2 " flex hose), pneumatic outlet and 110 V electrical socket.


All equipment is custom built and designed for each individual corrugator. We do not believe that any two corrugatorors are alike, therefore, before any equipment is manufactured, the site is assessed and measured. Although each coater is unique, the following features are incorporated in most machines:
  • mobile assembly on wheel-in cart to allow remote cleaning and maintenance
  • double diaphragm air operated pump
  • stainless steel trough construction
  • stainless steel rollers
  • operator side controls and adjustment
  • custom designed for corrugator
  • capable of automatic shut off when speed below a preset FPM
  • pneumatically operated lift, 4" travel above the paper
  • operator side application zone controls and adjustment
  • blade angle adjustment allowing 360 rotation of blade for use of both sides
  • mounting brackets for installation to corrugator frame
  • installation and maintenance manual

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