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M.V.T.R. or Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate coatings are barrier coatings to water vapor (as opposed to water in its liquid form).

Water vapor is important to keep out of packages that contain products such as powdered detergents because the humidity causes the powders to cake together. Water vapor protection is important in packaging containing such products as frozen meat patties to prevent “freezer burn”.

Enviro-Coatings’ Vapor-Guard can provide the same type of protection from moisture loss (or gain) as plastic or wax without the repulpability problems associated with them.

MVTR coatings are available from Enviro-Coatings for surface treatment or laminating such as a roll wrap application.

Vapor-Guard RW laminating adhesive for roll wrap
Vapor-Guard general purpose packaging, good MVTR, water, oil and grease resistance, cold set gluable

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