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Non-skid coatings are a cost-effective insurance to help prevent boxes from shifting during transport. Typically, non-skids are sprayed at the dry end of the corrugator and Enviro-Coatings manufactures custom built applicators to suit the uniqueness of each site. There are essentially three different types of Enviro-Grip products available: alumina, silica, and flexo applied.

Alumina based (Enviro-Grip 9421A) is the most economical and commonly used non-skid. It is easy to use, clean up and it provides excellent resistance to sliding.

Silica based (Enviro-Grip 9422A) is more commonly used when high graphic printing is present. Enviro-Grip 9422A does not leave a haze when applied over colors and provides excellent resistance to sliding as well.

EC442 Flexo was specifically developed for flexo use, as it contains no abrasives that can damage expensive anilox rolls. Never use alumina or silica based non-skids on a flexo and never mix different types of non-skids together.

Enviro-Grip 9421A alumina based
Enviro-Grip 9422A silica based
EC442 Flexo non-skid for flexo application

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