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Off-Line Coatings

Off-line coating of the liner or medium is gaining in popularity.

The off-line process allows corrugators, without the space for a coater, to produce coated board. In addition, it is suitable for operations that do not want to lose productivity and/or generate extra waste associated with corrugator applied coatings.

Off-line coated liner tends to be more consistent in its coating weight, both across the web and along the web. The coating is precisely metered using a rod coater, therefore, a consistent coating weight can be maintained.

The problem of film disruption by the corrugating process is eliminated and failure along flute tip lines is minimised as off-line applied coating is fully cured.

The most exciting aspect of this process is the fact that the liner can be “double bumped” or in other words, primed and sealed. This process eliminates pinholing, which is the main cause for coating failure in applications where severe grease, oil or water conditions exist. This double bump process will provide protection in most applications where curtain coat wax is being used. Products such as Barrier-Grip, Vapor-Guard or EC403 along with a suitable basecoat are ideal for this.

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