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EC 442

EC 442 is unique and the true flagship of the Enviro-Coatings product line. This coating provides superior water and grease resistance, yet remains fully printable and is easily glued with most water-based adhesives.

EC 442 can be used on a wide variety of corrugated containers, including meat, sausage, and seafood boxes as well as bakery trays.

Unlike many other coatings, EC 442 has a unique angle of slide, making coated sheets or boxes very easy to stack and ship.

When applied in-line at the corrugator, EC 442 is an exceptional multi-purpose coating. However, double-bumped off-line coated liner is a true marvel of water-based technology displaying excellent grease and water resistance. The high performance and unique features allow EC 442 to replace many curtain coating applications. EC 442 coated boxes are also repulpable.

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