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Release coatings are also known as non-stick coatings and as their name implies are used to ensure products release from their packaging.

This speciality line of products was developed for a broad spectrum of industry.

These coatings are used to treat corrugated containers that act as molds for a wide range of industrial products such as butyl rubber, hot melt adhesives or asphalt.

The food industry also uses Enviro-Coatings release coat products where the sticky properties of the food or processing require a completely non-stick surface. EC 403 is ideal for this use.

Boxes treated with Enviro-Coatings release coat products are suitable for stitched, die-cut, and “in-fold” boxes. There are virtually no adhesives that will bond these coatings.



Easy-Release 2 parts silicone, excellent release properties, for demanding applications
Easy-Release 5 general purpose, easy to use, water and grease resistance

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