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Enviro-Coatings is dedicated to providing superior packaging protection, outstanding customer service, and a commitment to the environment. One of our goals is promote the flow of used corrugated products back to paper mills and into viable products.

Enviro-Coatings has commissioned certified laboratories to conduct testing according to the Voluntary Standard For Repulping and Recycling Corrugated Fiberboard Treated to Improve Its Performance in the Presence of Water and Water Vapor.

All submitted products from Enviro-Coatings have demonstrated fiber yield in excess of 95%, well above the 80% allowable baseline outlined in the Protocol.

Enviro-Coatings recently completed testing of a combination of medium and liner barrier treatments to the updated FBA Protocol at the Western Michigan University School of Paper Engineering. The commercial construction passed both the repulpability and recyclability portions of the test. This approval opens the door to numerous end use applications (poultry, produce, protein, floral, etc) as recyclable.

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