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Scuff Resistance

Scuff resistant coatings protect goods from scratching and marring so that they reach their destination in the same condition as they left the manufacturing facility.

Enviro-Coatings’ NoRub coatings protect  packaged products from the rough liner of the corrugated container during shipping when vibration and jarring can cause rubbing of the product against the walls of the box, corner posts or pads.

Typically, scuff resistant coatings are used on the inside of boxes or corner posts for white goods, car parts, glass and furniture.

NoRub provides excellent protection from scuffing and are virtually invisible on brown liner.  Should your customer require a visual confirmation of  the coating’s presence, one of our tints can be added to the coating.

Norub 9201A
excellent performance, wet or dry-end, gluable
Norub 9202A
lower cost alternative for less demanding applications

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