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Enviro-Coatings manufactures a full range of speciality coatings for virtually every industry that requires corrugated packaging. The high tech electronics industry uses an Anti-Static Black coating as protection from static charges that can damage valuable equipment.

Products, such as mild steel fasteners or brake parts, which are susceptible to rusting, can be offered protection with EC 503CI, our corrosion inhibitor.

Coatings to facilitate skin packaging are available in a range of strengths dependent upon the product to be displayed and board combinations.

A variety of FDA approved tints can be mixed with the coating at our production facility or added by the end user, as needed. Tints are typically used to identify the presence of coated board where it is sometimes not visually obvious. NoRub is often tinted.

EC 503CI contact corrosion inhibitor
Anti-Static Black C electrically conductive coating to protect electronic components from static discharges
Anti-Static Black D electrically dissipative coating to protect electronic components from static discharges
Tints water soluble dyes to tint coatings
Decorative color coatings for corrugated board
Corrulube water based lubricant for hot plates and rolls

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