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Starch Additivies

Enviro-Coatings is dedicated to many aspects of the corrugating process.

Our liquid starch additives have proven to be a great asset in improving the bottom line, by reducing waste, increasing running speeds and producing high quality board.

Fastbond is designed to increase the green bond strength of regular starch adhesives. It is supplied in liquid form and is simply added to the first water of starch batches in plants without dosing systems. Fastbond can also be added to the starch making process at any time and is ideally suited to all dosing equipment. Fastbond offsets lower temperature hot plates and significantly improves running speeds especially in double and triple wall combinations. We have several case studies to support these claims.

Adding our wetting agent (WA-44) to starch formulas, in levels as low as .05%, can increase the rate of liner penetration by 5-10 times. This prevents having to lower machine speeds to cope with liners that are difficult to bond. Ultraseal is a resin that provides exceptional wet strength properties to starch systems. This product provides excellent adhesive stability and performs well in all starch systems

WA-44 effective penetrating agent
Ultraseal 9452A wet strength resin>
Fastbond 9453A bond enhancer

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