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Water Resistance

Water resistant coatings are the most commonly used protection in packaging. Enviro-Coatings has developed a wide spectrum of coatings specifically designed for the diverse types of water protection that may be required. Some containers require mild repellency protection from the environment such as boxes that may be exposed to the elements on a receiving dock for only a few moments. Other packaging may require protection for extended periods of time, should they contain products such as fish or fresh iced vegetables.

The severity of the environment and the class of box should be considered before choosing a coating. Some coatings, such as EC 440 are cold set gluable and printable where EC 403 is better suited for die cut trays and hot melt glues because of its outstanding barrier properties. Below is a short description of our main water resistant coatings, however several more exist that are custom formulated.

Aquaban 9009A economical, excellent water repellency and water resistance
Aquaban 9001A concentrated version of Aquaban 9009A, to be diluted 1:1
EC 440 economical, general purpose, good water resistance
EC 402 excellent water resistance and water bead-up
EC 403 premium product, superior water resistance and water bead-up

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