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This site has been set up to help you understand Enviro-Coating’s products and services so that the coating application process you choose is the most efficient for your plant and the coating utilized meets the packaging needs of your customer.  Contact Us

The Necessity For Coatings

With increasing consumer focus on the green movement, sustainability, repulpability & recyclability, water-based coatings for paper are becoming a requirement for some applications.

Coatings are necessary in order to respond to the increasing demands made of the corrugated industry for better packaging. Corrugated alone can not and will not provide the protection necessary in many of today’s demanding applications. By itself, corrugated board is abrasive, tends to absorb water and oil, and many products stick to it.

Enviro-Coatings products will help you to overcome the natural features of paper board effectively, efficiently and economically. By using Enviro-Coating products you will better protect your customer’s goods and add value to your packaging.

Enviro-Coatings with 20 years of water-based technology experience. Enviro-Coatings manufactures and distributes water based coatings world-wide. Our experience and expertise will provide solutions to your most demanding packaging requirements and meet your needs of reducing costs and your customers requirements of effective and sustainable packaging. Our coatings are custom formulated so that you will be provided with the most user friendly products available in the market place today in response to your specific requirements.

Our sales people, together with our customer service and technical staff are available to assist you in what ever needs you have so that together we can effectively meet the packaging challenges of today and tomorrow.

Enviro-Coatings stands ready to provide solutions for all your packaging needs, so e-mail or call us!