Speak the lingo
Abrasive Rough material that causes scratches when rubbed against.
Biodegradable Property of matter that allows it to decompose
Blade Coater Most commonly used coating applicator in line with corrugator. Coating is flooded across web and the excess is removed with a rubber blade leaving a film
Blocking Term given to coated board that sticks together
Brightness Measure of the “whiteness” of paper
CFIA – Canadian Food Inspection Agency Canadian government department that regulates food safety, together with Health Canada
Coating Liquid substance applied to paper to functionally protect it or change the color of the paper
Coating Weight Amount of coating added to paper, typically measured in lbs per MSF or g/sq m
Coating Consumption Amount of coating used when producing an order
Cobb test Method used to measure the amount of water absorbed in paper over time, usually expressed as g/sq m over specified time (typically 2, 15 or 30 minutes)
Cold Set Adhesive Water based PVA “white’ glue. Liquid at room temperature
COF Coefficient of Friction expresses the resistance to sliding on the surface of a container. Often expressed as slide angle
Decorative Coating Color coatings including white
Dynes Test A procedure to test the critical surface tension of coated board that translates to whether the surface is printable
FD&C Food Drug and Cosmetic Act
FDA Approved A product that complies with the US Federal Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) regulations for use in or in contact with food
Freeze Thaw Stable Whether a liquid coating, once frozen, is stable again after thawing
Functional Coating A coating which performs a function other than color such as water or grease resistance
Gluable Term given to the ability to join two pieces of board or together with an adhesive
Hot Melt Gluable Ability to join two pieces of board with hot melt glue
Indicator Spray An aerosol spray that is used with a non-skid product to indicate its presence on corrugated board.
Keil Tape Test Test used to determine release properties of a coated surface. It measures the force to pull the tape free from surface.
MVTR “Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate” is a measure to show the quantity of water vapor that can pass through a coated substrate. Usually expressed in g/ m2 /24 hr or g/100 in2/24 hr under 90% relative humidity.
Non-scuff A coating that protects against scratching
Non-skid A coating that helps to increase slide angle so that stacked containers do not slide as easily as uncoated ones
Off-line Coated Process of pre-coating liner before it is shipped to a plant for corrugating. Same concept as pre-print
Oil Resistance Property of coating that helps block the absorption of oil into coated substrate
Pinholes Pin point sized areas on paper that are left uncoated
Printability Ability of a coating to accept flexo inks to dry without smearing.
Recyclable Ability of a product to be used more than once.
Release A non-stick property of a coating measured by a Keil Test
Repulpable Property of wood based products to allow it to be broken down in to pulp and remade into paper
Rod Coater A devise that uses wire wound rods to meter coating on to paper. Typically used in off-line and decorative coating operations
Sizing Chemicals added to paper to enhance its performance
Skin Packaging Transparent film affixing a product to substrate treated with Plastiseal
Sutherland Rub Test Method used to evaluate the amount of protection yielded by a non-scuff coating
3M Kit Test Procedure used to measure the level of oil resistance that a coating imparts on a substrate, expressed in scale of 1 – 12.
Viscosity Property of liquid, its “thickness”. Often measured by Zahn or EZ  cup.
Waterproof Ability to not absorb any water over an infinite amount of time.
Water Repellent Ability of a coating to “bead water” that is sprayed on the surface
Water Resistant Describes the ability of a coated substrate to retard the absorption of water over time
Wax White A decorative white coating that does not turn grey when cascade waxed
Wet Pounds Amount of liquid coating applied to paper, typically measured in wet lbs per MSF or wet g/sq m
Zahn Cup, EZ Cup A precisely machined container, with a small drain hole, that is filled with liquid and allowed to empty. The time it takes to drain determines the liquid’s viscosity
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